Friday, October 24, 2008

Misterio-us live-savings

...Nicolas Sarkozy French leader warned the world could not "continue to run the economy of the 21st Century with instruments of the economy of the 20th Century"...Some pioneers Entrepreneurs Team like the "bg3C" founded by Bill Gates at Kirkland - USA or like the "wUw" founded by Filipe AlvesFerreira at Pontevedra - Spain are setting new devices for people wellbeing.

The matter let suppose the discovery of new economic spaces and new instruments to share the extraction and the distribution of such wealth.

At WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web we are Googledepending for the adoption of the better vectors for the free usability.

People would prefer the personal webcashmotor(codename Mousephone 4G3W) integrated in the new generation e-mails. To keep the [personal power-bank-finantial-money-link] and the creation of the personalized money and for the input timestock into Owndated Webquantum ( quantums of personal-live-savings) the better performance is expected to be on location e-mail versus browsers such as GChrome.

Webjurispersons and Webjuristhings protocols treatments with Monetary Authorities Advisors Rules and Regulations are proposed for the overall recipe Economy 4G3W.
Misterio-us live-savings . For the people wellbeing. Because first for you.